Monday, February 28, 2011

Feels Just Like It Should

Well, it's been well over a year since I've updated this thing. Let me catch you up a bit. I now work somewhere not called the Dollar Tree and I love my job. It is, hands down, the best job I've ever had. I am an uncle twice over, to two awesome kids. I still terrorize the roads of Pocahontas County with the Smart FourTwo. I'm now a year shy of the big 3-0, just doesn't seem like that's possible. I'm living with the lady friend, and I'm really loving it. I'm getting a lot more opportunities to use my art abilities, which is really awesome. Aaron and I have now been to three NASCAR races together, hoping to add three or four more this year as well. I still have too many action figures, or at least Aaron feels that way, hahaha...

Life is good. I love everything that's going on right now. I still maintain that having a positive outlook really does make a huge difference in how you navigate through life. That's not to say there aren't still going to be hard times, but living that way helps you weather the hard times a lot better. I'm extremely lucky. Two and a half years ago I was given the gift of starting over, and I feel I've made the most of it. I'm living where I've wanted to be, I have my family nearby, I have a terrific job, and I have the most amazing woman to spend my days with- Aaron really means the world to me:-) And it's due to embracing positivity! I know some folks in my circle have had issues with others in that same circle here recently. You, and only you, have the power to rise up and above all your petty issues with each other. No one is saying you have to like each other, just deal with the situation at hand. I will admit, I'm not a fan of some folks, especially seeing as how we have opened our arms (and one person has opened his wallet) and tried to make an outsider one of us- but I don't let them infiltrate my life and sway my feelings towards them or anyone else. I acknowledge they exist when needed, but otherwise leave them alone. You have to do that too. Be the bigger person, and even though it is hard, of you have to acknowledge them, try to dig down and find some positive aspect of them.

Well, more than a year apart and still posting preachy blogs, hahaha... Heed my words, folks, it'll make life easier for you and those around you. Till next time, peace.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Can't Fade Me

A little different start for this particular entry, folks. I wanted to preach for a second. So while I grab my soapbox, grab a seat and just sit back for a minute or two and listen.

Negativity is a disease, a poison, a no good entity that will possess you if you let it. If it is able to latch onto you, it will infiltrate every aspect of your life. If you invite it in, you become it's slave. Everything in your life will get dragged down by it. Those in your life and around you won't want to be near you, as you've become a carrier of a detrimental attitude. You'll continue down that slope and slip further and further into a pit of despair. Being negative is a choice. If you surround yourself with it, it's a choice that does nothing but suffocate and kill the good person that used to dwell within you. But all hope is not lost. You can rise above the negative if you want to. Being positive isn't always the easiest thing to, but it is the healthiest for you. Embrace positivity and that mindset and you'll be better off for it. All aspects of your life will be tremendously better if you go the positive route in your life. So dropkick the bad and set a course for some good in your life, folks. I've said it before, I'll say it again just in case you missed it: BE POSITIVE AND LOVE YOUR LIFE!

Okay, rant over. On another note, life is good- nay, GREAT! Enjoying my job, even with the overflow of Christmas stuff in our store, I have an awesome group of co-workers and some odd, but for the most part nice, customers. Fall in West Virginia is awesome, since this is my favorite time of year and my favorite place to be, I couldn't be happier. Aaron is doing well, working a lot right now, but we still make time for each other, get out to the movies once in a while, and get to return to the open mic seen next week, which I'm really excited for- I love listening to Aaron sing and play. I just passed the one year mark in my new location and it's been one of the best years of my life, I have to thank God everyday for letting everything fall as it has. That'll do it for now, peace out homies...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Counting Airplanes

So, I made my way back to Charlotte this past weekend to clean out the house and have a yard sale to get rid of some things. Three days was more than enough time for me to be back. I hate that I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to, but I was so glad to get back home. It's funny, Charlotte is where I've lived to bulk of my life- but now, it's alien to me. The rush, he crowds, the clutter- I'm happy to be without it. And the city as a whole just seemed to be hurting and in great pain. I knew things were rough there, but seeing it first hand really proved it to me.

I visited the old job and the fine folks at bloom, it was really great to see those guys and gals there. While I miss them and the job sometimes, seeing the place and how much everything is the same made me kind of have a little realization. This is the same way it has been almost the whole time I was here, stuck in repeat, same stuff over and over again, and kind of like a hamster in one of those exercise wheels, you do a lot of work, but you're never gonna go anywhere. Not a knock to the job or anyone there at all mind you, but I finally opened my eyes to it now. And really, I'm almost in the same position now, which is driving me back to school in the spring if things go to plan.

There were some good things to the visit: got to see the friends and family, $100 out of the yard sale, most of it pure profit, and had some delicious Jack in the Box and Bojangles'. Tudor's has you beat on the biscuits, Bo, but that dirty rice is the stuff, hahaha... oh, and of course, got to stop and see the lady friend on the way home and give her a present from my journey to CLT, and thankfully, she really like the shirt I got her... and on top of all that, Kasey Kahne goes and wins the race Sunday night, hahaha...

Well, that'll do it for this 9-9-9 edition of the blog, two posts in a few weeks, that's crazy... till next time, peace out, Bat-fans...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Something Out of Nothing

Well, it's been a while. About five months to be exact. Things are going fairly well. I'm grateful for the way that things have unfolded this year. I've been very fortunate in a lot of ways. That whole "being grateful" thing is what I want to touch on with this blog tonight. Some people, you can give them something and they are very thankful for it. I've been in this spot many a time. My dad helped us get a place in Charlotte when they moved. Judy Quigley helped me out when I had no car by giving me one. My friends have been there for me whenever I've needed them, even if I wasn't the best of a friend most of the time. And my folks again opened up their arms and let me stay with them while I was getting my life back in order last fall. I'm grateful and so thankful for those things and much more.

And then there's the opposite. Some people can't be happy no matter what you do. You offer to help them out in their time of need, it's not good enough. You give them a car to share with someone, they want it for themselves only. You give them a gift for their soon to be born child, they throw it on the floor of the bathroom and hope the animals don't use it as a cat box- or maybe they do. And you graciously give up your room and your bed to them- not so much as a thank you. Hell, I'd even take a f*** you, then at least I'd know you knew I was in the room. Nothing is good enough, big or small. That's sad. And it's all true, unfortunately. I guess some people haven't had to go through the tough times. I have, and it really does make me appreciate the things I do have, both now and then. Instead of being bullheaded and piss and moan about how unfair blessing upon you are, be thankful and glad that someone cares for you enough to go out of their way to do something for you- because it won't always be that way...

Till next time, peace out homies...

Friday, March 20, 2009


If you know where the above song title comes from, movie wise, you'd probably be chuckling due to all that's going on right now. I'll give you a minute to collect yourself and possibly roll the dice on the dance floor...

Okay, it is pretty well known that my brother is having a rough go of it here lately. A good bit of it is of his own doing, which he will admit to, but another piece of the trouble puzzle is his "girlfriend" Sam. I use the quotations because she doesn't treat him like someone she supposedly loves. She's run him through the ringer to be sure, but he stays close by through it all.

NOW, when I was with the one who shall not be named, I was constantly told I needed to get away from her, specifically by a small handful of people who I will not name as that is not really that important. At the time, I wasn't hearing it, but looking back, it was the right direction to go, especially since she was being very shady over the last year of us being together. BUT my brother is way worse off now than I ever was with my then girlfriend and no one pushes that same message on him. Double standard much? I was never put through all the stuff he's been put through with this girl, but I was constantly hounded to run away while you can. Well, I guess that time for him has passed. There's no running now, short of a "You are NOT the father!" verdict from old MoPo. I feel for him, but it is what it is. Life is a bunch of choices and this is a choice they both have made. The worst thing about it is this child they have created doesn't have a choice as to the situation it will be delivered into. I'm 27 and I have no business with a kid, I know that (prolly cause I'm not as "grown up" as other people have told me they are, hahaha). And it's not that I don't want one, but I would want my kid to enter the world in a fantastic situation. I don't have that right now and don't plan on putting myself in a position that I'll have to worry about a kid either. I wish them the best of luck, and hope that my family can get over the petty arguments this whole deal has raised and move along. Peace out, folks, until next time...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Better Version of Me

Well, again, I haven't written in over a month, and there's a lot of good things to talk about. Firstly, things with Aaron are going pretty awesome. We've had a great time together over the past couple of months doing a little bit of everything. Seen a good number of movies, which has been cool because I usually never go to see stuff during the winter months. I guess we've seen about four or five movies so far this year, and even the so-so movie have been good because of the company's pretty terrific. I've got to accompany her to some of her open mics, and they've been great. She always does an fantastic job, especially this last week, and everyone else does really well also, even the ones I inadvertently laugh at, hahaha. I love that we joke around about every day, and that she doesn't let me forget about some things- skiing, the movie Ghost, etc. ;) It's just been a blast, I love getting to hang out with her every chance we get, it's the bee's knees...

Next up, started the new job today. I wasn't exactly looking to get back into retail, but there aren't a lot of opportunities out there these days, so you gotta get what you can. It's a lot different from the bloom world, actually a little more difficult. I guess part of it is the added responsibility of a higher position, another being that I'm used to an order to things, and it's not really like that now, it's kind of a "make it look good no matter how you do it or what it takes" situation. Which is fine, it's just gonna take some getting used to.

Well, I guess I'll leave it at that for now, gotta pack and get ready for the trip back to the CLT :( I'll see you kids next time...


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Soul Education

Well, it's been a while since I've even looked at this page, much less posted on here. Finally done with 2008, not a lot of good to speak of in the past year, but it had it's moments. And really, to be honest, a lot of what might be considered "bad" has been a blessing in disguise. This time last year, I was working at my job of nine plus years, living in Charlotte, and really going nowhere in life. I was stuck in repeat, the same thing over and over, and hadn't really made an effort to change anything. I had talked, and fought, on and off with my folks about moving up to West Virginia for a long time, but was "comfortable" in my Groundhog Day routine. After the family reunion in July, something told me it was time to move. I told my Dad I wanted to move up in January of 2009 and start up some new work and at least get something moving to get me out of my repeat stage. I knew at the time, it would be hard considering my current situation, but I had to do something. Then, I get dumped. Devastating to me at the time, I now realize it was a huge blessing in so many ways. It was the light to the fuse that got a lot of things in motion. I'm now three months into my time in West Virginia and loving every minute of it. I'm staying busy with my new job, and meeting a lot of awesome people through the hobby. As stated before, I love my car. I feel like these roads are a playground and I've got the most awesome go-cart you could ever have to play with. Even when they're angry, I love being back with my folks, and love being closer to the siblings. I've met an awesome girl, and have enjoyed spending time with her when we get the chance. I've reconnected with old friends, made some new ones, and am just taking time to enjoy life and finding the positive in everything. I'm gonna miss my Uncle Thom, and Selina, my cat of about 15+ years , who both passed on within a week of each other, but I do know they are in a better place and no longer in any pain. I look forward to what this year will bring, I've got a really great feeling about it. I've learned a lot this past year about who I am, who my friends are, and how valuable family is, and plan on applying what I've learned to everything from this point forward. I'm gonna do my best to keep this page updated more often, for the one or two people who read this anyways, haha... Peace to you all, and I hope this year is an awesome one for you!


"I've got my soul education
You know its stitched into the clothes
That I wear
Got my life information
Upon the breeze that's blowing through my hair
Got a pocket full of rainbows
Oh and a sky to put them in so blue
So let the music come and save you.
I found a God that I can pray to
Deep inside my soul, hey..."